Can a Man Give Birth?

Can a Man give birth? Probably not to a baby, but men are always giving birth to ideas and dreams. One of the reasons we need a woman in our life is for us to understand what it is to really nurture a new life (dream).  Woman instinctively and biologically understands this with their whole being. Continue reading

Free Skype Conference Call for Men.

Free Skype Conference Call with Andrew Fretwell and Viggo Johansen
founders of the White Tiger Company

When? Wednesday27th June 8pm UK time, 9pm European Time
Location: Online
Price: Free Topic

We will be discussing this Gene Key 9 related to Authentic Masculinity please click the Gene Key and contemplate it before the call. Send an email to to let me know you want to be on the call with your Skpe id and I wil add you to the group, its limited to 23 men. You will need Skype and an internet connection

Fact: Life is speeding up

Fact:   Life is speeding up and there is more and more uncertainty in the outer world

Fact:   People all over the world are being challenged now to really express their  true nature in a unique and  authentic way

Fact:   Any stress, health issues or emotional difficulties are the result of your spirit encouraging you to listen more to your inner heart

Fact:   If you start to slow down and really listen to your heart you will only find more clarity, more happiness and fulfilment.

Fact:   The mind was never designed to be the main decision maker in your life. The mind is for clarity and communication only, the heart is the decision maker

Fact:   A human life was never meant to be about stress and pushing oneself.

If the above rings as truth for you then come attend the WuJi class in Dubai I will share my own ongoing journey of stress to fulfillment, and it’s not about changing your outer circumstances it’s about connecting to your inner resources. WuJi Gong is an amazing way to do that.


Dates: 10th & 11th February
Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
Rate: 1,200 Dhs

Register by contacting: / Mob: +971  50 3289 642
Venue : Balance Wellness 360 located on the 3rd floor at the Oasis Center Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Please join me

The Tao of Sex, in Oslo Norway 25th & 26th February

The Tao of Sex  Cultivating your Masculine Sexual Essence  Oslo, 25  26 February 

Do you suffer from low energy, stress, or lack of direction? Are you looking for something to truly boost your relationship to the opposite sex? Or are you just looking for further growth? Continue reading